14 Awesome Mac Apps and Utilities

14 Awesome Mac Apps and Utilities that improve productivity and will help you get things done faster on your Apple Mac OS.

The Listed mac apps and utilities are latest updated collection and are lesser know to MacBook users. All listed utilities are free and should be used by every MacBook users.

14 Awesome Mac Apps and Utilities
14 Awesome Mac Apps and Utilities

Let’s check the 14 Awesome Mac Apps and Utilities for your MacBook.

  1. Clean Me – Recover disk space on your Mac  by deleting all the system logs, cache and other temp. improves performance of system.
  2.  App Cleaner –  When App is deleted, the associated files  still remains  and those debris files are removed using App Cleaner.
  3. Disk Inventory – If MacBook is running low on disk space, run the Disk Inventory app to discover and analyze large files and folders that are clogging the storage.
  4. Latest – scans the Applications folder of your MacBook and checks  all the  installed apps are up to date.
  5. Unarchiver β€“  It compress and uncompressed the files to reduce the size and can support different format like  RAR, TAR, GZIP, ISO, and more.
  6. AirDroid β€“ Helps to connect Android phone to the MacBook. From MacBook you can access messages, manage photos, transfer files and more, Wirelessly.
  7. Duet Display β€“ You can convert iPad, iPhone or even an Android phone as an extra display for your MacBook.
  8. Bandwidth+ – Monitor  Internet bandwidth usage in Realtime. App is handy when you are connected to a metered Wi-Fi hotspot.
  9.  Hocus Focus – It helps keep your MacBook desktop clean by automatically hiding windows that are inactive or haven’t been used for a quite long time. Even You can choose to hide windows as soon as they lose focus.
  10. Flux – automatically dims the brightness of your MacBook screen based on time zone of the day – warm at night, bright during the day – so your eyes feel less strain.
  11. Download Shuttle – A fast download manager for MacBook that will split the files into multiple smaller chunks and downloads them in parallel.
  12. WeTransfer– Transfer any kind of  big files to anyone by simply drag and drop. It generates a downloadable link that automatically becomes inactive after 7 days.
  13. Meeter β€“ It helps to Keep track of your upcoming online meetings from Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and other virtual conference services and join the meeting directly from your MacBook’s menu bar.
  14. Clocker – Show multiple clocks in menu bar from different time-zones.

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