14 Tips Helps How To Take Care Laptop Battery

We often get Question on How To Take Care Laptop Battery life and Performance. List of 14 tips helps to take care laptop battery, this has been test by on my laptop and has given a good result.

14 Tips Helps How To Take Care Laptop Battery

14 Tips Helps How To Take Care Laptop Battery

  1. Don’t leave your battery unused for long periods of time.
  2. Even if you use AC power most of the time, use the battery regularly to keep it in good condition.
  3. Switch off your AC adapter when the laptop is not in use. This prevents overcharging.
  4. Laptop AC Adaptors should be removed, if your battery is fully charged and Keep using the laptop until it discharges completely, this will  improve the health of Battery.
  5. Remover the AC Adaptor When laptop is not in USE, this Prevents Overcharging of Battery.
  6. For a Maximum Battery life, decrease the LCD Brightness while using laptop. Activate or Enable Standby and Hibernation  power saving mode.
  7. Turn OFF the WIFI if it is not in USE.
  8. Discharge the Battery fully if the laptop is not used for a long period of time.
  9. You may Turn OFF your laptop by Pressing the Power Button until it shut downs. Although it was a quick method to shutdown, this will damage the laptop and can cause data loss.
  10. Hard reboot helps for last restore. Sometimes unavoidable, for instance, when Windows hangs, should not be doing this regularly.
  11. Avoid laptops with jerks and shocks, to protect the hard drive. Power OFF your computer if you are travelling from one place to another.
  12. Disconnect the external peripherals and accessories such as external optical drives, USB Devices, PC cards and USB keyboard lights draw power from the laptop.
  13. Booting the laptop in battery mode will draw more power from the battery. So do not shutdown the laptop in the middle of a meeting or short time, choose suspend mode if laptop is used again in a short interval. This will save battery life and help to restart your Work faster.
  14. If laptop shutdown for any hang up or any hardware issues, Give a 30 seconds break before you start it again. This ensures the hard drive shutdown and clears all the power signals.

How to Get Maximum Battery life and Battery report in Windows 10?

The Battery life depends on Charging life cycle, if you charge battery from 0 to 100 it considered as one cycle, if charge 0 to 50 considered as half charge cycle. A battery will will start to degrade after 300-500 charge cycles. If you want to know about laptop battery relegated information like

  • Recent usage
  • Battery usage
  • Usage history
  • Battery capacity history
  • Battery life estimates

Open PowerShell from you’re laptop, then type in this command powercfg /BATTERYREPORT A report will generate and save in the location of your user profile. In the report look for “DESIGN CAPACITY” vs. ‘FULL “CHARGE CAPACITY , this will give you indication of how much capacity it hold and lost, since from the day installed new Battery.

I Hope this blog post helps you to resolve the battery problems. You Can share your Experience with us in the comment below or contact us.

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