WIFI VS Bluetooth

Today we will learn about WIFI technology and Bluetooth Technology, what is difference, why they are used for and How different in Technological terms. We will compare WIFI VS Bluetooth and understand which is better and what for and when it can be used and where?

What is WIFI Technology?

WIFI is stand for Wireless Fidelity is generic term that refers to IEEE802.11 standard for Wireless Local Networks or WLANs.

  • WIFI is an alternative network to wired network which is commonly used for connecting devices in wireless mode.
  • WIFI is stand for Wireless Fidelity is generic term that refers to IEEE802.11 standard for Wireless Local Networks or WLANs.
  • WIFI uses radio technology to transmit and receive data at high speed.
    • IEEE 802.11b
    • IEEE 802.11a
    • IEEE 802.11g
IEEE 802.11bIEEE 802.11aIEEE 802.11g
Introduced in 1999Introduced in 2001Introduced in 2003
2.4Ghz radio spectrum5.0Ghz radio spectrum5.0Ghz radio spectrum /2.4Ghz radio spectrum
11Mbps (theoretical speed) within 30m range54Mbps (theoretical speed)54Mbps speed
4-6Mbps (actual speed)5-20Mbps (actual speed)
100-150 feet range50-75 feet range100-150 feet range
Interference from mobile phones and Bluetooth
devices which can reduce the transmission speed
It is not compatible with IEEE 802.11bit is compatible with IEEE 802.11b
Comparison of Radio technology

What is a Hotspots?

A Hotspot is a geographical area that has a readily accessible wireless network
Hotspots are equipped with Broad band Internet connection and one or more Access points that
allow users to access the internet wirelessly.
Hotspots can be setup in any public location that can support an Internet connection.

Advantages of Hotspots

  • Mobility
  • Ease of Installation
  • Flexibility
  • Low Cost installation
  • Reliability
  • High Security
  • Use unlicensed part of the radio spectrum
  • Roaming
  • High Speed

Limitations of Hotspots

  • Interference from high end walls, metals
  • Degradation in performance
  • High power consumption
  • Limited range

How a Wi-Fi Hotspots Network Works ?

A Wi-Fi hotspot is created by installing an access point to an internet connection.
An access point acts as a base station.
When Wi-Fi enabled device encounters a hotspot the device can then connect to that network

What is Bluetooth Technology?

Bluetooth is a short-range radio technology that enables wireless connectivity between mobile devices. It was initially developed by Swedish mobile phone maker Ericsson in 1994 as a way to let computer make calls over a mobile phone. Since then, several companies have signed on to make Bluetooth the low-power short-range wireless standard for a wide range of devices.

There are three classes of BWT radio devices, each with a different maximum range:
Class 1 (100 meters); Class 2 (50 meters); and Class 3 (10 meters).The implementation of these mechanisms occurs at 3 levels (modes) of security:

β€’ Mode 1β€”No security; anyone can use the device. This mode is the default setting for

public devices such as printers.

β€’ Mode 2β€”In this mode, permission to access your device is dependent on the service(s) you

authorize (Service Level security). With your PDA, for example, you can allow another device

to exchange electronic business cards and deny the device access to contact information and

calendar entries.

β€’ Mode 3β€”In this mode, the devices must be paired before they can establish a connection and

transfer data (Link Level security).

What is Pairing in Bluetooth?

Pairing is a bonding procedure that allows you to avoid entering access information each time two
devices establish a connection. If Secure Connection is enabled, devices will pair automatically the
first time they connect (a password, or passkey, must be successfully exchanged).

When you pair two devices, they generate and store a common link key so that you do not need to enter the passkey. Paired devices exchange encrypted data that cannot be deciphered by unauthorized devices. The devices remain paired even when

  • One of the devices is not powered on.
  • A service connection is interrupted or the service is stopped.
  • One or both of the devices are restarted.

What is Piconets in Bluetooth?

Whenever there is a connection between two Bluetooth devices, a piconet is formed
Always 1 master and up to 7 active slaves, Any Bluetooth device can be either a master or a slave.
Can be a master of one piconet and a slave of another piconet at the same time (scatternet)
All devices have the same timing and frequency hopping sequence.

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