How To convert heic image extensions files to Jpeg on Windows 10?

Apple introduced a new file format for Saving Photo’s called HEIC (High Efficiency Image Format), The new image extensions format rolled out in IOS 11 version. Let us understand the features in it, advantages and disadvantages of HEIC file format. Is there are any tools that can convert heic image extensions files to Jpeg.

What is heic image extensions file format in IOS?

Heic is a short for High Efficiency Image coding File Format, is an image extensions file format for photos, developed by Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG).HEIC has a high advanced compression technique that makes photos to be created in much smaller file size, could be half size, while achieving a higher image and pixel quality compared to JPEG. Apple included heic image extensions file format as default in IOS release version 11 and Mac OS

The advantage of heic image extension is to reduce the photo image size and occupy less space in storage devices. Also supports transparency, 16-bit color, storing image edits and multiple photos in one file.
One disadvantage is heic format not supported in Android, Windows and other OS. Also photo editing software’s like Photoshop, Windows own Photos app cannot open and view HEIC photos.You may see the error ” image files were not recognized as valid heic files”. You required heic image convertor tool to convert to jpeg or PDF.

How to turn off heic image extensions file format in IOS?

  • Open the Settings app -> Camera -> Tap Camera and then tap on Formats
  • By default Selected High Efficiency change it Most Compatible option by tapping on it.
  • your iPhone will Save the capture photos in JPEG format.
convert heic image extensions files to Jpeg
<strong>turn off heic image extensions file format in IOS</strong>

How to turn heic to pdf?

You can download free tool to convert heic to pdf from here

How to bulk convert heic to jpg?

You can do bulk conversion of images from heic to jpg using this tool. Download Bulk converter HEIC

How to view heic on windows 10?

Install the software Apowersoft Photo Viewer on Windows machine and can view, edit and convert heic extensions file format to jpeg. Download from here

Which Extension or App (free) for converting HEIC file format?

If you have older version of Windows, CopyTrans HEIC an alternative free application.This allow you to view HEIC files in Windows Explorer and Photos and can easily convert files to JPEG quickly just by right-clicking on them.
Another option is to look for XnView and XnView MP,are highly recommended image which converts into desired file format, edit photos and easily convert.

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