Fixing Windows 10 Blue Screen Stop Errors

We have been seeing Windows 10 Blue Screen Stop Errors as Microsoft keep releasing new Patches and this some time resolve one problem and create one more problem.

Fixing Windows 10 Blue Screen Stop Errors
In Window 10 computers Fixing Blue screen errors

WIFI and Wireless Bluetooth stop error 0x7E in nwifi.sys

You may have or could encounter this stop error, when connecting or reconnecting to a Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3) connection after disconnecting. When the laptop is woke up from sleep mode or from hibernation trying to connect to WIFI network.
To fix this Stop error 0x7E in nwifi.sys

Download the updated drivers for WIFI from here

Download the updated drivers for Bluetooth from here

Updated Intel Wireless Bluetooth drivers fix bugs behind Bluetooth devices causing audio noise during Hands-Free Profile (HFP) voice calls and discontinuity of audio during Teams calls.
Microsoft patch KB5001028 will fix Windows 10 PC that crash when connecting toWPA3 Wi-Fi networks.

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