How To Protect Eyes from Harmful Blue light Screens?

Digital screen device emit colors from the combination of (RGB) Red,green and blue colors,Blue color has a greater wave length compared to other colors.When Eyeballs stares or looks at the digital screens, they gets affected from harmful Blue light screens.

Our Eyes exposure to Blue light emitted from digital device screens distract sleep cycle, leading to sleeping problems and tiredness. Everyday eyes exposure to blue light can damage retinal cells, causing eye problem like vision dim, age factor macular degeneration.Children’s eye ingest more blue light than adults.

How to Protect Yourself against Blue Light Eye Damage?

  • Take Frequent breaks and give rest to your eyes.In order to set alert to take breaks, there are few good apps
    Which i prefer to use Break reminder in Windows 10
  • Keep your Eyes cool by keeping cucumber slices on your eyes.
  • Eye Protect software apps: Install the Eye protecting apps on your computer which will filter the blue light emission and keeping your eyes warm and cool.The most effective and good eye protecting apps are eye saver and IRIS Eye protector.

In Windows 10, blue light filter is called Night light.
To Enable this feature Go to Settings>system>Display > Toggle switch from ON to OFF

Protect Eyes from Harmful Blue light Screens
Blue light filter in Windows 10

Apple included a blue light filter for Mac OS called β€˜Night Shift’.
To enable this feature,Go to System Preferences > Displays > Night Shift.
You can select specific time (hours) to activate sunset and sunrise, adjust your Mac’s screen color temperature. Mac book has 14 useful apps that every user should turn on

Night Shift in Mac Book-Protect Eyes from Harmful Blue light Screens
Night Shift in Mac Book

Another program called Redshift for windows 10. Redshift adjusts the color temperature of your monitor screen according to your environmental surroundings. It helps protect your eyes and hurt less if you are working at your system in night. Download Redshift for Windows 10

When searching for Redshift,you may come across this game, Don’t get confuse with game and eye protect software.
Redshift Game – Play regular levels, to unlock bonus levels. Complete quests, collect achievements, get upgrades and assign a general for hours of fun game play!

These setting and apps helps to protect eyes from Blue light and prevent from damages. if you have any other computer related problems please visit other sections of my blog

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