Why Cisco anyconnect VPN Fail to connect?

We been receiving Help-desk tickets reporting Cisco anyconnect VPN Fail to connect, even though having good internet speed.Some of the errors are reported like
  • Cisco Anyconnect VPN is unable to establish a connection
  • Cisco Anyconnect VPN server could not parse request
  • Cisco Anyconnect VPN login failed

As we investigate into this problem,found few interesting fixes that is hard to believe.

When a user launch the Cisco VPN Anyconnect app from a Windows computer, the VPN client will do preliminary checks and connect to VPN gateway. Here are steps how Cisco VPN validates.

  • Ready to connect.
  • Contacting “name of your vpn gateway”
  • Posture Assessment: Initiating…
  • User credentials entered.
  • Establishing VPN session…
  • The AnyConnect Downloader is performing update checks…
  • Checking for profile updates…
  • Checking for product updates…
  • Checking for customization updates…
  • Performing any required updates…
  • The AnyConnect Downloader updates have been completed.
  • Establishing VPN – Initiating connection…
  • Establishing VPN session…
  • Establishing VPN – Examining system…
  • Establishing VPN – Activating VPN adapter…
  • Establishing VPN – Configuring system…
  • Establishing VPN…
  • Connected to VPN Gateway

Above is complete process a VPN connection does to connect to VPN

But came across a issue, where VPN does not go beyond User credentials entered. the session keep hanging without any further process.

Steps to Troubleshoot the issue
  • First step to check VPN version is installed with latest version, if not install and try connecting. Even if system has the latest version.
  • Second step to check Windows updates, patch the computer if any updates required.
  • Third step is to check for Driver updates for network card, bios, and other hardware to make the system up-to date with latest version of drivers.You can also check our standard troubleshooting steps for computer.
  • Fourth step Kill the exe files of Cisco VPN Connect go to task manager> details> select vpnui.exe and vpnagent.exe and end task and try connecting again.

If above fixes does not work, then try connecting your laptop to mobile hotspot. if Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client app gets connected to VPN network, then it rules out that there is no problem with your login credentials.

Your Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client app on the PC is not able to create the VPN tunnel with your Home internet broadband network,it is because your Home broadband service Provider is blocking the VPN services.

It is unique problem which is happening on some broadband network, as they everyone working from home and very much depend on VPN to connect to corporate network.

To cross check youou can also test with other service provider to make sure that everything is fine from your end, before approaching your ISP support team. IF VPN works fine on another service provider network then you should go ahead and log a support ticket with your ISP (Internet service Provider) .

This Unique problem found on these two Network Service Provider Airtel network and ACT network in India.

A Helpful Trick to connect to VPN : If you got slow internet on your mobile hotspot to overcome this problem and above problem. First connect you’re Laptop to mobile hotspot, then connect to VPN. Once VPN connection is established, wait for a minute or two, then slowly switch the internet connection from mobile hotspot to your home internet broadband.

Note : DO NOT DISCONNECT VPN While switching internet connection from mobile hotspot to your home internet broadband.

How to fix error repairing vpn adapter ?

In Windows Search bar type in control panel and navigate to this path
Control PanelNetwork and InternetNetwork Connections
Right click on Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Virtual Miniport Adapter for Windows x64 >Properties
uncheck Internet protocol version 5 (TCP/IPv6)
If the above fix does not work
Apply this fix
disabled “Npcap Packet Driver”
* Go to properties of CiscoAnyconnect under your Networks.
* Disable/Unchecked Npcap Packet Driver(NPF)

Please comment below If the steps above helped to resolve Cisco VPN Connection problem. Give us more details in the comment section below and we’ll try to help you.

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